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Join our Sniffer Dog Training workshops and classes and gain the skill and framework to take part in scent trials and further scent training.  Your dog’s nose is his most powerful sense.  Sniffing opens up a whole adventure!  Just think – a dog’s nose is over 40-times more powerful than ours…

Whether you want to create a deeper bond with your dog or aim to work with him to be an assistance dog, sniffer dog training with DW Dogs is an ideal way to start.

What Dogs Can Do Sniffer Dog Training?

Sniffer dog training is suitable for all types of dogs and dog carers!  Your dog may not be tracking down criminals or detecting illegal substances, but becoming a doggy detective is a fun to engage your dog’s brain.  All types of dogs can learn – all they need is a nose!

Sniffer dog training is for you and your dog if:

  • you want to build a closer relationship with your dog
  • you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your dog
  • your dog gets bored easily
  • your dog can be boisterous and doesn’t tire even on the longest of walks!
  • you need a gentler exercise option for you or your dog
  • you want to build up your self-esteem handling your dog

Sniffer dog training is for people and dogs of all types, all backgrounds, and all abilities!  Our workshops and courses are suitable for people of all abilities, PAs and assistance dogs are very welcome.  Just let us know your requirements before you book your place.

DW Dogs offer Dog Detection Workshops and Classes in East Sussex.  Dogs are required to be socialised before joining group workshops or classes.

All workshops and classes can be tailored if necessary to be accessible for people of all abilities – please get in touch prior to booking so we can arrange any modifications required. Personal Assistants and assistance dogs are very welcome.

Dog Detection Series 1 Workshop must be completed before taking part in further classes or workshops.

Sniffer Dog Training Dates

Dog Detection Series 1 WorkShop

Introduction to scent training.  This workshop is the first step to becoming a doggy detective and handler!  You will need:

  • A dog with a nose
  • Your dog’s favourite toy or treats
  • Dog harness, collar and lead
  • A Kong
  • Somewhere to rest – a blanket, mat or crate

You’ll learn the basics of scent training and techniques and exercises you can practice with your dog.  This workshop will teach you passive indication on a target odour.

Completion of the Dog Detection Series 1 Workshop will allow you to take part in Series 2 and additional sniffer dog classes.

Dog Detection Series 2 Workshop

The series 2 workshop continues the dog detection programme. Completion of the Series 1 workshop is essential before taking part.

This workshop focuses on distance indications and more complicated searches such as line-ups and vehicle searches.  You’ll practice off-lead distance detection of a target odour.

Completion of the Series 2 Workshop enables you to take part in the Bronze Sniffer Dog Trials.

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