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DW Dogs is looking for a field or paddock suitable for dog training in the Hastings area.
Reasonable rent paid.
Please contact Dionne at info@dwdogs.co.uk

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DW Dogs
East Sussex
Phone: 07920 875 887
E-mail: Info@dwdogs.co.uk


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Puppy Training Courses in Hastings, East Sussex

Good Foundations Puppy Training Course

A fun-packed course of five, confidence building weekly puppy training classes for you and your new puppy!

Places are limited to ensure you and your puppy get the best from the classes.

Call now for further details and availability on 07920 875887.

puppy training courses Hastings, East Sussex www.dwdogs.co.uk

New puppy? Start on the right paw with a Good Foundations Puppy Course


Hastings puppy training course recommendation

Puppy training course recommendation on Facebook – click to view (opens in new tab – “Like” DW Dogs while you are there! 🙂 )


Advice and tips on all things puppy! Covering such things as:

  • house training,
  • chewing, mouthing and biting,
  • jumping up,
  • controlled off-lead play,
  • new experiences,
  • recall,
  • settle and sit,
  • and much more!

What is the best thing you can ever do for your new puppy?

A well socialised puppy that has been carefully introduced to the world around it is a puppy with the most important foundations.

Dionne Worth, Canine Behaviourist and Professional Dog and Puppy Trainer facilitates a series of 5 weekly Good Foundations Puppy Training Classes. With easy access from Hastings and surrounding areas including Bexhill, Battle, Fairlight, Pett Level, St. Leonards and Winchelsea, you and your puppy will have fun while learning to be a great dog owner and dog.

Places are limited to ensure you and your puppy get the best from the classes.

Call now for further details and availability on 07920 875887.

DW Dogs puppy Blake at 8 weeks

Blake at 8 weeks already well-socialised and a happy puppy!

Dog Tags/I.D

new puppy with DW Dogs id tagPlease make sure that your puppy is wearing a collar or an I.D tag showing your details.

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 mandates that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the owner’s name, address and postcode engraved or written on it, or engraved on a dog identity tag. Your telephone number is optional but advisable.

If you would like any help with this DW Dogs I.D tags can be ordered and purchased when we first meet.

Your details will be added to one side, giving you extra peace of mind and the knowledge that there is an additional telephone number and point of contact available.

For more information contact Dionne Worth on:
07920 875 887

Good Foundations Puppy Training Course, Hastings East Sussex

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