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East Sussex
Phone: 07920 875 887
E-mail: Info@dwdogs.co.uk

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Dog Training Prices

1-2-1 Dog Training – £45 per hour
Behavioural Consultations – £95
Dog Training Home Visits – £95 (up to 2 hours)

Canine First Aid Training

Canine First Responder Course – from £90 (full day course)
Canine Primary Care (including dog CPR and rescue breathing) – from £45 (1/2 day course)

Sniffer Dog Training

UK Sniffer Dogs workshops – from £70


A minimum of 7-days notice is required to cancel all training and behavioural consultations, workshops, courses and classes.  Late cancellations and “no shows” will be charged at the standard rate and are non-refundable.

DW Dogs Products

‘Perfect Fit’ Fleece Lined Harness – from £34 (priced on size)
These comfortable harnesses are recommended and they will be custom-made to fit your dog or cat. Great for growing puppies as an additional section can be bought rather than a whole new harness again. Many colours available.

DW Dogs Leather Training and Walking Lead – £68
These beautiful training and walking leads are custom-made from best English bridle leather for DW Dogs.

Dog training - practicing scent work in Alexandra Park, Hastings

Ben training in Hastings wearing DW Dogs ‘Perfect Fit’ harness and leather dog training lead

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